2018 Competition

From an original field of 1,100+ writers around the world and after four intense challenges, we finally have a winner!  In the fourth and final challenge, the 40 finalists were challenged to create short screenplays no longer than 5 pages in just 48 hours based on a genre (Open), location (Headquarters), and object (a multi-tool).  Congratulations to the winners below and everyone that participated this year for writing so many wonderful screenplays!


Note: HM = Honorable Mention


#1 - ''Civic Duty'' by Lisa Fox LOGLINE - According to the government, Jack is better off dead. Can responsible citizenship help him live on?

#2 - ''Tether'' by Eric Johnson LOGLINE - A superhero and his sidekick have a falling out, but can they settle their differences when the true villain is revealed?

#3 - ''WINTERHAWK'' by Ted Sturgulewski LOGLINE - An African-American janitor is faced with a difficult choice when he is commisioned to clean the headquarters of a local hate group.

#4 - ''The Clerk and The Cocksman'' by Nick Coleman LOGLINE - When one man tries to end his slump with the ladies the headquarters of his mind falls into chaos and the only one who can stop a dangerous coup is a lone neuron from the mailroom.

#5 - ''Sport Of Queens'' by Faye Upton LOGLINE - When Newmarket Racecourse is evacuated during its biggest day of the year, one groom risks everything to stay with her beloved charge.  Inspired by true events.

#6 - ''Virulent'' by Joshua Bartolome LOGLINE - A stoic robotic priest built for exorcising other androids infiltrates an abandoned Masonic temple in an attempt to save the soul of a machine possessed by the demon Abraxas.

#7 - ''Erasing History'' by Jeremy Noonan LOGLINE - A super spy must stop a mad scientist whose device can end the universe itself.

#8 - ''Finding Violet'' by Ellie Clitheroe LOGLINE - After a major accident, a woman seeks out the services of a company that can re-allocate its clients into a parallel life of their choosing.

#9 - ''Omnicia'' by Tim Gomersall LOGLINE - The prospects for Omnicia, a struggling technology manufacturer, are no laughing matter. Yet.

#10 - ''Another Time'' by Mark Griffin LOGLINE - An unannounced visitor seeks to prove his sanity.

#HM - ''Soar'' by Tiana Hahn LOGLINE - A man's horizons are opened when he is given the tools to follow his passion.

#HM - ''The Unsung Swiss Navy'' by Michael Kirkland LOGLINE - Besieged by competition, a family-owned business seeks to overcome impossible odds and reinvent the multi-tool industry while staying true to their roots.

#HM - ''Saying Goodbye'' by Lenita Karhunen LOGLINE - A man and a young boy bond over a moment of grief.

#HM - ''Unexpected Utility'' by Jennifer Gunner LOGLINE - Ava learns how helpful the Extractor multi-tool can be when a trip to the GoodTool corporate office tests her survival skills.

#HM - ''Kickoff Meeting'' by Jeffrey Howe LOGLINE - A design team's lead expresses doubts about the flawed specs for their latest product.



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Challenge #1: Kickoff Email | Assignments | Results

Challenge #2: Kickoff Email | Assignments | Results

Challenge #3: Kickoff Email | Assignments | Results

Rules: Official Rules & Participation Agreement



The Short Screenplay Challenge is a competition that challenges writers around the world to create short screenplays (5 pages max.) based on genre, location, and object assignments. Each writer will participate in at least 2 writing challenges and as many as 4 depending on how well they place in each challenge.  When the competition begins, writers are placed in groups where they will be judged against other writers within their same group.  Each group receives its own unique genre, location, and object assignments (see past examples here).  After 2 challenges, the top 5 writers that score the highest advance to the next challenge.  In Challenge #3, writers are placed in new groups and given a new genre, location, and object assignment.  The top 5 writers from each of the groups in Challenge #3 advance to the fourth and final challenge of the competition where they are given the final genre, location, and object assignment and compete for thousands in cash and prizes.  Sound like fun?  Register below or click here for a more detailed description of how the competition works.


Never written a screenplay before?  Click here to check out an article going over the basics.



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While we send e-mails at the beginning of each round to all registered writers, many times e-mails go to junk mail folders, spam, or are blocked by servers for unknown reasons.  We recommend that everyone marks their calendars with the start dates of each round, especially the first challenge at 11:59PM EDT on Friday, October 12th, 2018 so that you know when to expect an e-mail!


  Challenge #1: October 12-14, 2018
  Challenge #2: November 30 - December 2, 2018
  Challenge #3: January 11-13, 2019
  Challenge #4: February 22-24, 2019



Not only does every writer receive feedback from the judges for every screenplay that is submitted, but a special review forum is available for the participants to submit their screenplays for review from fellow writers throughout the competition.  During the last Short Screenplay Challenge, there were over 3,000 comments made on the 240+ screenplays submitted on the forum.  Click here to visit the forums.



Stephen W.
Wellesley, MA, USA
“This was a fantastic challenge. Had to make a script using Suspense on a high speed train. Just a blast!”
Amy L.
Oakland, CA, USA
“That was the first screenplay I've ever written! I've been meaning to for a long time, and finally decided I needed a deadline. Looking forward to the next one.”
Sergio S.
Bournemouth, GB
“A great challenge! My script is done and it is amazing what you can do within 5 pages! Mentally and artistically stimulating! Thank you!”
Shia S.
Oakland, CA, USA
“Submitted my Round 2 script. I whined the entire time. I will be all nerves until we get results. I LOVE this process. I can feel my growth as a writer/creative/human. Good luck to us all!”
Maria C.
Malden, MA, USA
“First Suspense script for me...It was tough!!!! Really not my thing...But thanks for the new experience, NYC Midnight! Hoping for a Romantic Comedy next time.”
Randy B.
Portland, OR, USA
“That was a great exercise! It came really fast and then just the tweakin'. 5 pages, it has to be TIGHT.”
Debra H.

Lambton, Australia
"Exhausted. The challenge is real and the relief of having completed it is awesome.”
David W.

Royersford, PA, USA
“Script submitted with just 2 minutes to spare. Had a blast!”
Tammy M.

Bolingbrook, IL, USA
“First time trying this. I loved the creative challenge. Came out to 5 pages exactly.”











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