The Short Screenplay Challenge is an international screenwriting competition, now in its 10th year, that challenges participants to create original short screenplays (5 pages max.) based on genre, location, and object assignments.  The event is organized by NYC Midnight Movie Making Madness, an organization that has been holding exciting creative competitions since 2002 and is dedicated to discovering and promoting a new wave of talented storytellers.  NYC Midnight aims to provide the prizes and exposure necessary for writers to take their next big step towards writing professionally.



Demian Kendall (San Francisco, CA, USA)


Winning Scripts - "Bad Water", "Third Act", "A Dying Industry", and "Off to Avalon"



Teresa Bass (Newtown, New Zealand)


Winning Scripts - "The Neomonster", "Do Robots Drink Wine?", "The Great Wish Machine", and "Love After the Apocalypse: A Helpful 'How To' Guide"


Click here to Read an Interview with Teresa



Laura Foody (Los Angeles, CA, USA)


Winning Scripts - "Tangibles", "Materials for the Blind", "Weight", and "Memento Mori"



Bobby Webster (Brooklyn, NY, USA)


Winning Scripts - "In the Stars", "Downstream", "Bitten", and "Food Chain"




Gregory Fodero (Boston, MA, USA)


Winning Scripts - "Sing for Me", "Blind Risk", "Catching Up", and "Statutory Therapy"



Joshua Briggs (West Stockbridge, MA, USA)


Winning Scripts - "Second Movement", "Round About Midnight", "Play", and "To Get to Sea"




Eric Johnson (Oak Park, IL, USA)


Winning Scripts - "Pumpkin Hunting", "Gone Biddin' ", "Suicide Circus", and "The Mission"



David Bowman (Redmond, WA, USA)


Winning Scripts - "Severed Head Overtures", "This Side of Happyland", "The Changing", and "Schizoid"




John O'Neal (Crested Butte, CO, USA)


Winning Scripts - ''"Rosie's Secret", "The Right to Remain", "Take Care of My Rose", and "Return to Sender"











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