2nd Round / Challenge #3 Results 
The results are in for the 2nd Round of the Short Screenplay Challenge 2017!  The top 5 screenplays are listed below along with honorable mentions in each group.  If your screenplay placed in the top 5, congratulations on advancing to the final round kicking off this Friday, February 16th at 11:59PM EST!  Regardless of how your story placed, everyone should be proud of making it to the 2nd Round through an original field of over 950 writers around the world and creating three great screenplays along the way.  We hope it was an enjoyable and inspiring experience, and best of luck to the 30 advancing writers in the final round this weekend!


Top Stories by Group Number

HM = Honorable Mention



1 - Drama / A sandstorm / Nachos


#1 (Gr 1) - ''Lost at Land'' by Adrienne Morse LOGLINE - After a devastating plane crash, Aubrey struggles to keep herself and a little girl alive.

#2 (Gr 1) - ''Connections'' by Coral Yee LOGLINE - A mother and her infant daughter are alone on a long and difficult journey. How can they make a connection with all flights grounded in a storm?

#3 (Gr 1) - ''Sandstorm'' by Morgan Dean LOGLINE - Rafael Calderón, greatest Mexican musician in living memory, is trapped in a tiny rural town during the sandstorm of the century. But he may just find more in Vivír than he ever bargained for.

#4 (Gr 1) - ''Let It Happen'' by Nate Glassman-Hughes LOGLINE - Alone and emotionally overwhelmed, Kirk finds comfort in the words of a stranger as they wait out a sandstorm in a hotel lobby bar.

#5 (Gr 1) - ''Remember Me'' by Sean Moss LOGLINE - A soldier with a drinking problem toils in the shadow of a famous ancestor until given a chance to break from his brutal and untold legacy.

#HM (Gr 1) - ''The Nomad'' by Dane Abley LOGLINE - A man seeks food and shelter during a sandstorm, gets more than he bargained for when trouble comes calling.

#HM (Gr 1) - ''Hourglass'' by Chris Preyor LOGLINE - While Dr. Matthew Palmer fights to stay alive, he reaches out to the people he loves the most in a desperate attempt to say goodbye.

#HM (Gr 1) - ''Seeking Zerzura'' by Kurt Uy LOGLINE - When Joshy, a hardworking father just trying to provide for his children, takes a new job working for a renowned author, he finds himself facing a surprising revelation and a harrowing choice.



2 - Fantasy / A wishing well / Banana bread

#1 (Gr 2) - ''The Gardener'' by Alexandra Keister LOGLINE - An old woman finds companionship in death incarnate.

#2 (Gr 2) - ''Freya'' by Nick Coleman LOGLINE - While the men are at war, a village's Tree of Life is dying, and a young woman named Freya believes she can save it. If only her pesky little brother would shut up.

#3 (Gr 2) - ''Glazed and Confused'' by Kathryn Graham LOGLINE - Thea wishes to become a larger than life hero only to discover it's the little things that matter most.

#4 (Gr 2) - ''All's Well That Ends Well'' by Eric Johnson LOGLINE - For years, the ancient well has been granting the wishes of the villagers who throw in a gold coin. Young Jack is about to find out what happens when you take some out.

#5 (Gr 2) - ''Family Time in the Crystal Cavern'' by Greg McCarron LOGLINE - A young witch seeks guidance from a beloved family member in her time of need.

#HM (Gr 2) - ''Duncan's Story'' by David J Vergano LOGLINE - A poor, friendless boy finds hope at the end of a blind alley.

#HM (Gr 2) - ''Bottom of the Well'' by Jack Baldwin LOGLINE - The spirit of the well grants visitors any prize they can wishfor, if they can reach it. The deeper the dive, the grander the
treasure - and the greater the risk.

#HM (Gr 2) - ''WISH FUEL'' by Ben Orlando LOGLINE - A man enters a prison that tortures its inmates by making them wish, again and again.



3 - Romantic Comedy / A medical marijuana dispensary / A snail

#1 (Gr 3) - ''Sugar & Spice'' by Ed Hicks LOGLINE - Dispensary owner Maureen Choi has her eyes set on a cute repeat customer, but is thwarted by communication difficulties.
Will her advances be blunted, or is there hope for a budding relationship to flower?

#2 (Gr 3) - ''A Jar of Tenacity'' by Jeffrey Howe LOGLINE - When the loss of their homes interrupts a couple's budding relationship, they find another way to connect -- in the display case of the local pot dispensary.

#3 (Gr 3) - ''Sex In the Seventies'' by Michael McLeod LOGLINE - An old man and an old woman meet as strangers in a marijuana dispensary, but leave as friends with potential.

#4 (Gr 3) - ''Love Buds'' by Jason Fox LOGLINE - An emotionally-stunted widower seeks a second chance from a purveyor of medicinal marijuana before their nascent relationship gets nipped in the bud.

#5 (Gr 3) - ''LOVE AT A SNAIL'S PACE'' by Rodney Altman LOGLINE - A middle-aged marijuana store owner finds love in a strange place with the arrival of an unexpected customer.

#HM (Gr 3) - ''Joint Expectations'' by Chloe Gebacz LOGLINE - An awkward run-in at a dispensary forces a divorcee to reconnect with her ex-spouse and her current self.

#HM (Gr 3) - ''Kushland'' by Amber Scott LOGLINE - Two cannabis botanists find that the road to romance can be awfully slimy – but often ends up being “just right.

#HM (Gr 3) - ''Blooming Buds'' by Sean Nelis LOGLINE - A man buying medical marijuana for the first time instead finds something for his heart.



4 - Comedy / A hotel conference room / A skull

#1 (Gr 4) - ''SUPERVILLAINS ANONYMOUS'' by Matthew Tennant LOGLINE - Darth Vader comes to terms with his feelings in a weekly support group for megalomaniacs.

#2 (Gr 4) - ''The Bard Cometh'' by Amber Bosworth LOGLINE - A hotel events coordinator must juggle two completely different, outrageous events to save her job and help restore the hotel's reputation.

#3 (Gr 4) - ''For Science'' by Jeremy Noonan LOGLINE - A science fair competition escalates to dangerous levels.

#4 (Gr 4) - ''North of Cuckoo'' by Thomas Morgan LOGLINE - A son returns for his eccentric father's funeral.

#5 (Gr 4) - ''A Clean Crime'' by Katarina Galat LOGLINE - A high-strung and highly unlucky janitor is about to get interrogated. Can he avoid breaking under the pressure when the incriminating skull is in his duffel bag?

#HM (Gr 4) - ''The Knights Altruistic'' by Tim Gomersall LOGLINE - A secret society's profiteering has ruined an entire town, but tonight retribution awaits them with a big, toothy grin.

#HM (Gr 4) - ''THE MERITS OF MEDIATION'' by Robin Virginie LOGLINE - Maria is nervous but extremely excited to take on her very first case as a professional mediator, but does she have the tools to deal with this very special trio?

#HM (Gr 4) - ''The Offering'' by Joel Buxton LOGLINE - A man with a bowling ball bag attends a mysterious black-tie event to honor a powerful figure.



5 - Sci-Fi / An ice rink / A riflescope

#1 (Gr 5) - ''The Technopriest'' by Joshua Bartolome LOGLINE - In this mash-up of "Blade Runner" and "The Exorcist," an android priest tries to save the soul of a rogue child-model robot from a demonic computer virus.

#2 (Gr 5) - ''The Rink'' by Jake Prins LOGLINE - As the Android War nears an end, two patrolling androids come across a lone human on a frozen lake.

#3 (Gr 5) - ''Do Android Princesses Dream of Electric Skates?'' by Jason Nash LOGLINE - Being made redundant is enough to get anyone mad - but when you’re a world renowned ice skating princess, getting even is a much more appealing option.

#4 (Gr 5) - ''Liquid Numbers Slipping Fast'' by Kelli Fitzpatrick LOGLINE - An indentured soldier engages in unconventional combat and discovers a secret in the system.

#5 (Gr 5) - ''Miss Maisey'' by Diana Vancura LOGLINE - An undercover agent is giving an assignment to assassinate a celebrity to prevent a possible world war.

#HM (Gr 5) - ''Comfort Row'' by Sherrill Schmidt LOGLINE - When a pioneer in memory travel sees into one client's past, it awakens his desire to create new memories of his own.

#HM (Gr 5) - ''Something Simple'' by Sasha Wulf LOGLINE - A husband in twenty-second century Los Angeles tries to give his wife the one thing she truly longs for.

#HM (Gr 5) - ''The Second Fall'' by Danny Yap LOGLINE - In post-apocalyptic world where no more weapons exist due to a mass disarmament effort, two teens discover a long-lost antique
that could forever change and destroy their lives.



6 - Horror / A newspaper printing press / A plunger

#1 (Gr 6) - ''For Archival Purposes'' by Shavaun Devlin LOGLINE - A woman's search for supplies comes at a high cost.

#2 (Gr 6) - ''Orphan Type'' by A. J. Bermudez LOGLINE - At the turn of the 20th century, a pair of recently orphaned sisters consigned to work in a printing press discover a terrifying secret lurking beneath the building.

#3 (Gr 6) - ''The Curse of Hennie Hudgens'' by Andrew Berkowitz LOGLINE - When a newspaper reporter fails to write the truth, he is forever condemned to know the truth.

#4 (Gr 6) - ''The Sin Asylum'' by Sara Rennert LOGLINE - Welcome to Mea Culpa, where cutting-edge developments in medicine and technology provide you with the chance to be “absolved” for the sins you have committed.

#5 (Gr 6) - ''A Dying Industry'' by Demian Kendall LOGLINE - An overworked intern at a local newspaper is visited by three people who aren't pleased with their obituaries.

#HM (Gr 6) - ''If It Bleeds, It Leads'' by Carmen Koger LOGLINE - An eager newspaper employee offers the editor a story he simply can't refuse

#HM (Gr 6) - ''The Wilcox Printing Press'' by Raghu Nadig LOGLINE - The world’s first Virtual Reality Haunted House celebrates its grand opening - and its first customer.

#HM (Gr 6) - ''In The Shadows'' by Evangeline Than LOGLINE - A night of urban exploration goes horribly wrong.







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