Looking for a unique gift idea for the holidays?  Give the gift of inspiration and register one of your favorite people in the Short Story Challenge 2011!

1.  Fill out the Gift Registration Form:  Enter the information of yourself and the person that will receive the gift in the Gift Registration Form below.

2.  Pay the Entry Fee (US $35):  After you complete the form, you will be taken to a page where you will be able to pay the entry fee for the Short Story Challenge.  Payment is secure through PayPal and you will receive a confirmation e-mail after you make the entry fee payment.

3.  We Send a Personalized Gift E-Mail:  After you pay the entry fee, we send an e-mail with registration information and a personalized message on the date you request below.  You will also be bcc'd in the e-mail so you know when it's sent.  That's it, you just sent a unique and inspiring gift!


Refund Policy:  If the person you are sending the gift is already registered for the competition or declines to register, we will refund your full payment.


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