Final Round: April 29-30, 2016

The final assignment for the 40 remaining writers is below:


Genre:  Open

Subject:  Eavesdropping

Character:  A hoarder


The stories are due by 11:59PM EDT on Saturday, April 30th, 2016.  If you are a finalist, click here when you are ready to upload your story.  Best of luck of the next 24 hours!




The 10th Annual Short Story Challenge is a creative writing competition open to writers around the world.  There are 3 rounds of competition.  In the 1st Round (January 22-30, 2016), writers are placed randomly in heats and are assigned a genre, subject, and character assignment.  Writers have 8 days to write an original story no longer than 2,500 words.  The judges choose a top 5 in each heat to advance to the 2nd Round (March 17-20, 2016) where writers receive new assignments, only this time they have just 3 days to write a 2,000 word (maximum) short story.  Judges choose finalists from the 2nd Round to advance to the 3rd and final round of the competition where writers are challenged to write a 1,500 word (maximum) story in just 24 hours (April 29-30, 2016).  A panel of judges review the final round stories and overall winners are selected.  Sound like fun?  Join the competition below and get ready for January 22nd!



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View the 2nd Round Results!

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Official Rules and Participation Agreement



  1st Round: January 22-30, 2016

2nd Round:

March 17-20, 2016

3rd Round:

April 29-30, 2016



Not only does every writer receive feedback from the judges for every story submitted, but a special review forum is available for the participants to submit their stories for review from fellow writers throughout the competition.  During the Short Story Challenge 2015, there were over 4,900 comments made on the 300+ stories submitted on the forum.  Click here to visit the forums.








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