The Short Story Challenge 2021 is an international creative writing competition, now in its 15th year, that challenges participants to create original short stories in as little as 24 hours.  The event is organized by NYC Midnight Movie Making Madness, an organization founded in 2002 with the mission to discover and promote a new wave of talented storytellers.  Through inspiring and challenging writing competitions, NYC Midnight aims to provide the prizes and exposure necessary for writers to take their next big step towards writing professionally.



Rae Stringfield (Knoxville, TN, USA)

Winning Stories - "New" (Sci-Fi), "Not All Men" (Political Satire), "Franky" (Horror), and "Bird" (Open)



Gretchen Hopkins (San Rafael, CA, USA)

Winning Stories - "Lodestone" (Ghost Story), "Pussy Magnet" (Comedy), and "A Good Death" (Open Genre)



Michael Tippett (Mayfield, Australia)

Winning Stories - "Blodeuwedd" (Horror), "Creation" (Romantic Comedy), and "Crawlers" (Open Genre)



Sarah Martin (Melbourne, Australia)

Winning Stories - "Christ, Our Most Excellent Marksman" (Political Satire), "Stephanie" (Thriller), "The Undertaker" (Open Genre)



Sarah Beaudette (Spokane, WA, USA)

Winning Stories - "Ephemeral Keys" (Spy), "Please Do Not Delay" (Drama), "Leaving Shaktoolik" (Open Genre)



Terri McCormick (Amherst, NS, Canada)

Winning Stories - "Finding Forever Homes" (Ghost Story), "The Praying Lady" (Ghost Story), "Mourning Dove" (Open Genre)



Byron Rom-Jensen (Risskov, Denmark)

Winning Stories - "Savages" (Suspense), "Love Thy Neighbor" (Historical Fiction), and "Low Ebb" (Open Genre)



Alex Stephens (Salt Lake City, UT, USA)

Winning Stories - "It Came to This" (Horror), "Letting Them Go" (Ghost Story), and "Before the Inevitable" (Open Genre)



Jess Zimmerman (Riverdale, MD, USA)

Winning Stories - "Valhalla" (Mystery), "Round and Round" (Romantic Comedy), and "Origin Story" (Open Genre)



Jeffrey Osgood (Longmont, CO, USA)

Winning Stories - "The Presentation" (Horror) and "Making a Name" (Action/Adventure)



Tyler Hayden (El Segundo, CA, USA)

Winning Stories - "The Namuzu Line" (Action/Adventure) and "After the Talk" (Romance)


2008, 2009

Adam Zang (Seattle, WA, USA)

Winning Stories 2009 - “'George, Louise ... Elsa” (Historical Fiction) and “Clockwise” (Sci-Fi)

Winning Stories 2008 - “Where No One Belongs” (Historical Fiction) and “Raising Awareness” (Ghost Story)




Jacqueline Brown (New York, NY, USA)

Winning Stories - “Hortense and the Heir” (Fairy Tale) and “Chocolat Amer” (Drama)










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