2nd Round / Challenge #3 Results 
The results are in for the 2nd Round of the Flash Fiction Challenge 2017!  The top 4 stories are listed below along with honorable mentions in each group.  If your story placed in the top 4, congratulations on advancing to the final round kicking off this Friday, December 15th at 11:59PM EST!  Regardless of how your story placed, everyone should be proud of making it to the 2nd Round through an original field of over 2,500 writers around the world and creating three great stories along the way.  We hope it was enjoyable and inspiring experience, and best of luck to the 64 advancing writers in the final round this weekend!


Top Stories by Group Number

HM = Honorable Mention


1 - Historical Fiction / A geological fault line / A roast chicken
#1 (Group 1) - ''The Mind of Man'' by S.D. Bullard SYNOPSIS - In 1960, two men made the first successful dive to the lowest part of the ocean. Mankind considered this a great achievement, but the ocean did not necessarily agree.

#2 (Group 1) - ''Don't Cry Over Yungay'' by Casey Bartley SYNOPSIS - Under the Pacific Ocean near Yungay, Peru, an earthquake threatens to make a new Pompeii. For 25,000 people, death is close.

#3 (Group 1) - ''We, who hide together'' by Amy Abrahams SYNOPSIS - Italy, September 1943: As the world shakes with terror, a mother in mourning confronts her capacity to love again

#4 (Group 1) - ''Dead Man's Gulch'' by Michael Tippett SYNOPSIS - A prospector in the Victorian gold rush is determined to strike it rich — no matter what the cost.

#HM (Group 1) - ''Picking the Bones'' by Frank Morelli SYNOPSIS - A die-hard Oakland A’s fan relives his experience on the Bay Bridge during the ’89 quake as he cheers on his team during Game Seven of the World Series.

#HM (Group 1) - ''All Them That Come West'' by Cody Stewart SYNOPSIS - A family sits down to dinner in 1930’s California, amid the Depression, poverty and will-crushing sadness. Then an earthquake hits.

#HM (Group 1) - ''Hǎo Gǒu and the Great Quake'' by IReen Weiss SYNOPSIS - For Hǎo Gǒu, a scrappy terrier from the other side of the globe, life on the streets of Chinatown in San Francisco is full of routine, responsibilities, and rewards—even in the aftermath of an earthquake.

#HM (Group 1) - ''A Distant Tremor'' by Kristen Olsen SYNOPSIS - Irena flees Poland on the cusp of the Second World War to seek refuge at a field camp monitoring increased seismic activity on the North Anatolia fault in Turkey. But refuge is hard to find when the field leader won’t listen to her warnings, her parents are in harm’s way, and the tremors that signal danger threaten to explode.

2 - Romantic Comedy / A family restroom / Rubber boots
#1 (Group 2) - ''You Are Appreciated'' by Natalie Grant SYNOPSIS - Sometimes we never know how little acts of gratitude may come back to help us.

#2 (Group 2) - ''A Swipe for Luck'' by JENNIFER CHUKWUJEKWU SYNOPSIS - A woman looks to salvage her Tinder date gone wrong.

#3 (Group 2) - ''When Sparks Don't Fly'' by Timothy Bellows SYNOPSIS - A man gets some valuable advice while failing at a blind date.

#4 (Group 2) - ''A Mother's Kiss'' by Patty Crowe SYNOPSIS - A woman and her old flame reconnect over an errant Barbie accessory.

#HM (Group 2) - ''The Big Slip'' by Ed Hicks SYNOPSIS - When ex-rockstar Maxine Hope takes a fall doing DIY in preparation for a house inspection, a kindly neighbour comes to the rescue.

#HM (Group 2) - ''The Bear Un-Necessities'' by Alexis Hunter SYNOPSIS - Girl meets boy, meets bear?

#HM (Group 2) - ''United Nairlines'' by Edward Varga SYNOPSIS - A self centered business executive in her underwear and a dedicated single father in search of a missing boot experience the rockiest of rocky starts to a romantic relationship.

#HM (Group 2) - ''Artist in Wine, With Galoshes'' by Kelli Fitzpatrick SYNOPSIS - A sculptor meets a graffiti artist on a mission.

3 - Suspense / A garage / A dog whistle
#1 (Group 3) - ''Ami -- Ami -- Ami'' by Conner Callahan SYNOPSIS - Javier hopes they're just Practicing again, but maybe this time it's real.

#2 (Group 3) - ''Breathing Still'' by Georgia Warner SYNOPSIS - Confident that he has nothing left to live for, a man sets out to end his own life. But once his plan is set in motion, his confidence begins to dwindle.

#3 (Group 3) - ''Not with a bang but a whimper'' by Joanne Farrall SYNOPSIS - An accident in Ruth’s garage leaves her pinned and unable to escape. Are the footsteps outside help or danger?

#4 (Group 3) - ''In Jack's Garage at Twilight'' by Lisa Grimes SYNOPSIS - Alone in his shop at the end of the work day, a good man is resigned to meeting his fate.

#HM (Group 3) - ''The Mechanic'' by Elizabeth Robinson-Griffith SYNOPSIS - Detective Sam Price races against time to save serial killer ‘The Mechanic’s’ latest victim.

#HM (Group 3) - ''Poker Face'' by Sally Brockway SYNOPSIS - Two warring neighbours set out to get rid of the other with a high stakes game of poker.

#HM (Group 3) - ''Jeff'' by Lin Morris SYNOPSIS - You can outrun your past for only so long. Until it traps you inside your own garage.

#HM (Group 3) - ''Dog Days'' by Genevieve Halkett SYNOPSIS - A woman tries to escape to a new life with a little help from a friend.

4 - Fairy Tale / A fishing pier / Confetti
#1 (Group 4) - ''The Fisher Brides'' by Henrietta Rose-Innes SYNOPSIS - Year after year, the fishermen’s lovely daughters go down to the old pier, whisper their names into the water, and disappear. Will the youngest and feistiest, Celia-Belle, also succumb to the lure of the sea-god’s handsome sons?

#2 (Group 4) - ''The Pelican'' by Justis Allard SYNOPSIS - A fisherman struggles to provide for his family, until an unusual gift turns his fortune around. He realizes too late, though, that the allure of his new-found success led him to destroy the very thing he relied on.

#3 (Group 4) - ''Marigoldfish'' by Sean Pillars SYNOPSIS - Plucked from the sea by an old man, Marigoldfish makes a big promise to regain her freedom, a promise she begins to regret. “The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish” from the fish’s point of view.

#4 (Group 4) - ''What the water takes'' by Katherine Kendig SYNOPSIS - A young woman who loves what others fear lives a solitary life until someone reaches out to understand.

#HM (Group 4) - ''Another Little Mermaid'' by Claire Lewis SYNOPSIS - A young mermaid dreams of living in the world of men. But will her evil aunt get in the way?

#HM (Group 4) - ''The Question'' by Kimberly Edmunds SYNOPSIS - A girl follows tradition.

#HM (Group 4) - ''On the Rocky Edge of Fisherman's Bay'' by Jason Bellipanni SYNOPSIS - A girl named Isabelle walks across the water to save herself and her stepmother from starvation.

#HM (Group 4) - ''The Third Fish'' by Sidney Norris SYNOPSIS - A young girl's search for fulfilment is a trying one.

5 - Crime Caper / A rollercoaster / A bikini
#1 (Group 5) - ''Under the Iron Shark'' by Angela Doll Carlson SYNOPSIS - After her roller coaster enthusiast boyfriend dies, and with her retirement home shutting down, Sylvie decides to re-enter the workforce by becoming a drug mule in Galveston.

#2 (Group 5) - ''Gloria's Day at the Park'' by Sarah Millman SYNOPSIS - An elderly woman scams amusement park employees with quick wit, a rollercoaster, and a strategically sloppy bikini.

#3 (Group 5) - ''Cowboy Boots and the Thunderbird'' by Giffy GIffoniello SYNOPSIS - Our unnamed first-person narrator has been dragged into the office of the head security guard of an amusement park, a dour man named Chuck who’s convinced the narrator is a pickpocket… or maybe just wore the wrong shoes.

#4 (Group 5) - ''Waterproof'' by Meg Kimball SYNOPSIS - After several vehicle break-ins occur at an amusement park, Charley and Buck, two proactive young men, spread the word about how to prevent theft.

#HM (Group 5) - ''All's Fair'' by Ann Harth SYNOPSIS - Bec’s little sister is desperate to win a life-sized gorilla at the county fair. When she loses her money to a swindler, Bec steals the gorilla and plots an escape on the rollercoaster.

#HM (Group 5) - ''Fish Kisser'' by Amanda Shanahan SYNOPSIS - The Kirby brothers work at Water Whirled, an amusement park of poorly maintained rides and partially filled aquariums. They use a quiet night to pull off a late night heist.

#HM (Group 5) - ''My First Summer Job'' by Susan Lyons SYNOPSIS - Sherry’s mom is wheelchair-bound, and her dad is a grifter, but she still wants to live in the wholesome world of Beaver Cleaver.

#HM (Group 5) - ''To Change The Things That I Can'' by Sam Baldassari SYNOPSIS - After being swindled out of five dollars at a carnival, one man rallies the members of his anger management group together in search of justice.

6 - Sci-Fi / A candy shop / An egg
#1 (Group 6) - ''Give a Man a Fish'' by Kristin Yates Thomas SYNOPSIS - In a world where Amazon can instantly deliver anything a man could ever need or desire, one man finds his bliss running an old-fashioned Confectionary where he makes all of his treats by hand.

#2 (Group 6) - ''Brimble’s Fine Confectionery'' by Andrew Berkowitz SYNOPSIS - When time travel goes wrong, memories are the only way to get home again.

#3 (Group 6) - ''The Sweet Spot'' by Rowena Cooper SYNOPSIS - Jack’s having a pretty sweet day, but is it his favourite? And what if that mattered more than he realised…?

#4 (Group 6) - ''The Longing'' by Trond Hildahl SYNOPSIS - Humankind has always wanted to live forever.  But to get something precious, one must usually give up something of equal value.

#HM (Group 6) - ''The Black Market Eggs'' by Sara Tacey SYNOPSIS - Laura buys eggs on the black market so she can make her great grandmother’s nougat recipe for her daughter Isabel.

#HM (Group 6) - ''Requiem for an I'' by Laura Scaramastra SYNOPSIS - Sometimes when everything is possible, nothing is.

#HM (Group 6) - ''The Disappearing Act'' by Allison McKnight SYNOPSIS - In a semi-distant future, a girl manages a candy store.

#HM (Group 6) - ''The Reunion'' by Rosalind Bowers SYNOPSIS - A lonely caretaker prepares for the arrival of Earth's last survivors.

7 - Mystery / A cattle pasture / Scissors
#1 (Group 7) - ''Slim White Skirts'' by Elaine Lies SYNOPSIS - Some hunt mushrooms. Others hunt mushroom pickers.

#2 (Group 7) - ''Blood in Grey Pastures'' by Mollie Doerner SYNOPSIS - When Sheriff Keating investigates a massacre, he discovers secrets that may be best left unspoken.

#3 (Group 7) - ''What Harry Saw'' by David Warick SYNOPSIS - Mysterious cattle killings – and more - on a lonely farm cause one brave soul to try and discover the identity of the killer, at his own peril.

#4 (Group 7) - ''Greener on the Grave'' by Eileen Heintz SYNOPSIS - A young farmer looking to get his own place checks out a local acreage that the deceased owner’s granddaughter is selling, but while looking over the pasture he makes the kind of grim discovery he thought he’d only read about. Before he can buy the land, he must figure out who buried a body in the pasture.

#HM (Group 7) - ''The Wooden Boxes'' by grace brenner SYNOPSIS - A bull falls in love with a heifer and impregnates her, but his heifer goes missing, along with their calf. The bull goes in search of his lost love and the lost calves of Sunrise Acres, searching for the mysterious wooden boxes in which the calves are allegedly kept.

#HM (Group 7) - ''Grass Fed'' by Eliza LoPresti SYNOPSIS - Beef farming has turned deadly for one family.

#HM (Group 7) - ''Pasture Post'' by Barrry Lehman SYNOPSIS - Two county deputy detectives look for clues to a murder without knowing who was murdered or where. The clues come only by email and keep them moving.

#HM (Group 7) - ''End of a Thread'' by Jonathan Burgoine (writing as Nathan Burgoine) SYNOPSIS - When his last mortal friend dies in a pasture, Ganymede finds the scissors of Atropos and realizes he is witness to a murder. The motive seems clear: there is one goddess with very good reason to punish him for stealing her husband’s attention, but how can a mere immortal cupbearer find justice among the gods themselves?

8 - Comedy / An obedience school / A piece of cheesecake
#1 (Group 8) - ''By The Book'' by Bernard Brown SYNOPSIS - David’s mom thinks it’s time he learned to obey the Word of God.

#2 (Group 8) - ''Death by Cheesecake'' by Erin Raye SYNOPSIS - Dimitri is Death’s assistant, responsible for the collection and management of uncooperative souls. When he gets summoned for a Code 73 at Pawsitive Transitions: Canine Obedience Academy, he meets Kip Silver – a man who insists his death was a divine error – and must figure out whether or not this man was meant to die.

#3 (Group 8) - ''Playing Dead'' by Sophie Dutton SYNOPSIS - To prove he’s ready for the responsibility of the Underworld, young Hades takes his puppy Cerberus to obedience school.

#4 (Group 8) - ''Getting Behind Rex'' by Mel Nicholson SYNOPSIS - Rex heads to school to teach an instructor about obedience.

#HM (Group 8) - ''The Asta Complex'' by Lisa Siegle SYNOPSIS - A dorky little dog dreams of being the suave, sassy star of his favorite classic films. Can his new school friends help him transform himself?

#HM (Group 8) - ''The Boxer Rebellion'' by Melinda Hagenson SYNOPSIS - When T-Bone starts obedience school, he expects it to be about training. Turns out it goes a little deeper.

#HM (Group 8) - ''The Balance'' by Kyla N McDonald SYNOPSIS - Adult obedience 101, where assholes becomes assets. It is a dream, a mission, a big idea, but can it actually be a reality?

#HM (Group 8) - ''The Maine Mutiny'' by Molly Tennyson SYNOPSIS - A group of troublesome cats proves there is no such thing as feline obedience.

9 - Political Satire / A border crossing / A power drill
#1 (Group 9) - ''Practical Measures'' by Kiri Laing SYNOPSIS - A reporter visits the site of a creative new border control initiative.

#2 (Group 9) - ''Drunkalympics'' by Michael Harris Cohen SYNOPSIS - A TV game show pits major world leaders against each other in a test of drinking stamina, physical prowess and mental agility.

#3 (Group 9) - ''Anything to Declare'' by David Jones SYNOPSIS - Miguel and Luciana Sanchez discover that they have a few things to declare before they can enter the United States.

#4 (Group 9) - ''Only Good Girls'' by Chelsea Steinley SYNOPSIS - Lucille is on her way to a special academy, an honor her parents are extremely proud of, as they know she is now doing her part in bringing her country back to traditions of family and formality.

#HM (Group 9) - ''Public Servant'' by Debbie Ingram SYNOPSIS - The president's arrival at a tightly controlled border crossing didn’t go as he expected.

#HM (Group 9) - ''The Crossing'' by Lauren Tetrick SYNOPSIS - In the year 2052, America has split into two nations: the liberal Jeffersonia to the West and the conservative Grand Old Provence to the East. At the independent border town of The Crossing, America’s youth is rigorously tested to see where they belong.

#HM (Group 9) - ''Meeting Minutes for July 6, 2018.'' by Karlie Herndon SYNOPSIS - Two mayors meet at their towns’ limits for a public meeting, in which one of the mayors begins to build a fence to divide the towns.

#HM (Group 9) - ''Bad Hombres Defense Solutions Ltd. Annual Report 2023: Chairman & CEO Letter to Shareholders'' by Christopher Ryba-Tures SYNOPSIS - A brief letter communicating the corporate vision for 2024 (and beyond) from the CEO of the company behind “Walls that Stand for America”.

10 - Drama / A graduation ceremony / A lobster
#1 (Group 10) - ''Third is Forgiveness'' by Bastian Carden SYNOPSIS - One year after a school shooting that left three seniors dead, Jack struggles to find true forgiveness in his heart.

#2 (Group 10) - ''Finis Opus Coronat'' by Lisa Mann SYNOPSIS - As she endures her high school graduation, a request from her father hangs over Andrea. She can’t commit a mercy killing, can she?

#3 (Group 10) - ''The Colour Blue'' by Jessica Harvey SYNOPSIS - A grieving father tries to make his daughter’s last wish come true.

#4 (Group 10) - ''For King and Country'' by Claire Arnett SYNOPSIS - Two brothers escape the horrors of trench warfare by retreating into memories of a gentler time.

#HM (Group 10) - ''Behind the Rope'' by Angela Gilbert SYNOPSIS - A teacher prepares to say goodbye to her students as a school strives to recover from a recent tragedy.

#HM (Group 10) - ''The Color Red'' by Sara Lipowitz SYNOPSIS - A woman who lost her son years ago must overcome her inner obstacles in her journey to see him.

#HM (Group 10) - ''Under His Own Steam'' by Kerry Cameron SYNOPSIS - In the cold depths of a midwinter’s night in Vermont, four people gather in secret. Jack values his independence more than anything, but for this special graduation ceremony he needs the help of his true friends to accomplish his goal.

#HM (Group 10) - ''The Way My Life Ends'' by Beth Greenfeld SYNOPSIS - A dying woman attends her graduation and thinks about her choices.

11 - Horror / A car wash / A business card
#1 (Group 11) - ''The Overtaking'' by Marrie Stone SYNOPSIS - Jake’s life is plagued by fiends that cause him to commit unspeakable acts of violence. It’s only after one fateful night he understands who the fiend is, and what it has always wanted from him.

#2 (Group 11) - ''Hell Hath no Fury'' by Felicity Ramsden SYNOPSIS - An unfaithful husband is confronted by his dead wife.

#3 (Group 11) - ''The Continental'' by Susie Sentevski SYNOPSIS - A car thief prepares to transport a stolen vehicle that’s been too risky to move, but finds he’s not ready to confront the past.

#4 (Group 11) - ''Carol'' by Hadas Cassorla SYNOPSIS - Daddy's love is driving the family apart.

#HM (Group 11) - ''The Ice Cream Truck'' by Michael Cheong SYNOPSIS - Arthur hates clowns—and this truck is covered in them.

#HM (Group 11) - ''Interior Cleaning'' by Nicole Robb SYNOPSIS - When Bob's car starts acting strange, he takes it to a special car wash that cleanses cars of evil spirits. While there, he is forced to face the terrifying demons of his own past.

#HM (Group 11) - ''An Affair of Honor'' by Jeanie Fritzsche SYNOPSIS - A World War II Army wife pays the price for her husband’s actions.

#HM (Group 11) - ''The Cleanse'' by Conor Yunits SYNOPSIS - After experiencing a hiccup in the workplace, a local businessman asks for help from a mysterious acquaintance.


12 - Thriller / A radio tower / Ice skates
#1 (Group 12) - ''DON’T TELL MOMMY'' by Taree Belardes SYNOPSIS - A young girl and her sister decide what Mommy needs to know based on their own perceptions of danger.

#2 (Group 12) - ''Why We Fight'' by Susanne Vejdemo SYNOPSIS - In Russia-occupied Finland, during the coldest winter in a generation, a young resistance fighter flees across a frozen lake. Only two things seem real to him: the half-hidden radio tower across the lake, and the silent, inexorable death that pursues him.

#3 (Group 12) - ''Don't Let Me Die'' by Catharine Corrigan SYNOPSIS - The tall one pushes the muzzle of the gun between my shoulder blades while the other one speaks to me in an even, level tone, trying to calm me down. I can’t make out what he’s saying over the sound of my own voice, high and cracked and frantic, the words repeating themselves like a prayer or a mantra: please don’t let me die.

#4 (Group 12) - ''Killing Ground'' by Jennifer Fagala SYNOPSIS - Ice tribe huntress, Ulla, sets out to complete her rite of passage in the forbidden lands of the Stone God. When her violation into the territory sets a hunt in motion, her life hangs in the balance.

#HM (Group 12) - ''Silent Night, Deadly Night'' by Maggie Schreier SYNOPSIS - On a wintry night, fleeing a vicious dog – and the man who set it on her – Lily found herself in a dangerous predicament. Pushed to her limits, she would do anything to keep Ana safe.

#HM (Group 12) - ''Jacked Up'' by Christine Allegoet SYNOPSIS - Jack Delaney must race against the clock to stop a sniper, but his fear of heights could slow him down.

#HM (Group 12) - ''Central Park Showdown'' by Sheri-Lynn Singleton SYNOPSIS - A dedicated detective makes an honest mistake that could end up costing not only her career but the lives of innocent New Yorkers.

#HM (Group 12) - ''In the Long Whiteness'' by Rémi Savard SYNOPSIS - Nikita Kozlov’s orders are simple, just like the days he spends at the radio tower. When an unknown enemy threatens his mission, he has no choice but to prepare for the ultimate sacrifice.


13 - Ghost Story / Above clouds / Handcuffs
#1 (Group 13) - ''This is where it ends'' by Jandi Crocker SYNOPSIS - Oliver must leave home and go to live with his Aunt Catherine. He doesn’t understand why his mother has chosen to accompany him on his journey.

#2 (Group 13) - ''Breathing (is Overrated)'' by Christina Alongi SYNOPSIS - Michael has a hard enough time flying without seeing his dead brother.

#3 (Group 13) - ''The Stars Look Very Different'' by Jeanna Stay SYNOPSIS - When a space station is haunted by the ghost of one of its crew members, only one woman can save them all from disaster and death. But she doesn’t know how to send her message.

#4 (Group 13) - ''Ghost Peak'' by Monica Woodlief SYNOPSIS - A lonely mountain peak is witness to the final showdown between two men on the opposite sides of the law.

#HM (Group 13) - ''A Cold War'' by Oliver Parkes SYNOPSIS - In an alternate universe, America drop a nuclear bomb on Russia. The crew of the mission get more than they bargained for.

#HM (Group 13) - ''Your Children Are Waiting at #1 Lucky Heaven Restaurant'' by Didi Leavitt SYNOPSIS - Children rush to hide in a Chinese restaurant to escape a fatal shooting at their elementary school.

#HM (Group 13) - ''Ana's Ring'' by Jennifer Rehnay SYNOPSIS - A devoted man reflects on ways to propose to his lover.

#HM (Group 13) - ''The Ride Home'' by Shannon Burton SYNOPSIS - A homecoming journey for a young girl isn’t just for her.


14 - Romance / A junkyard or scrapyard / A saddle
#1 (Group 14) - ''Day Forty'' by Natalie Hart SYNOPSIS - A middle school boy tracks the important numbers of his summer pursuit of Delia.

#2 (Group 14) - ''The Lady of the Met'' by Maria Reeves SYNOPSIS - An emergency ‘pause pipi’ has life-changing results.

#3 (Group 14) - ''Lost and Found'' by Raymond Morrison SYNOPSIS - After his heart is broken, Petey learns that even the smallest heart can find romance in the most unexpected places.

#4 (Group 14) - ''Transference'' by Erin O'Flaherty SYNOPSIS - In a dystopian future, a young woman waits for her lover in a junkyard.

#HM (Group 14) - ''Salvaging the Morning'' by Cory Harris SYNOPSIS - Two strangers in a scrapyard give each other the solace they need.

#HM (Group 14) - ''Enough'' by Kirsten Mauritsen SYNOPSIS - After a fifteen-year absence, the man Eva had once loved has reappeared in her life, making her face her definition of love.

#HM (Group 14) - ''Time Passes'' by Leslie King SYNOPSIS - Can a decade apart bring two people back together?

#HM (Group 14) - ''The Reunion'' by Stephanie Shasteen SYNOPSIS - A divorcee reluctantly attends her 50th high school reunion with her widowed best friend.


15 - Fantasy / A hospital waiting area / A broom
#1 (Group 15) - ''Night Shift'' by Patsy Pratt-Herzog SYNOPSIS - When a philandering Prince is turned into a frog and a witch gets the hiccups, Melody’s shift in the E.R. gets hopping crazy in the twitch of a wand.


#3 (Group 15) - ''Najwa Talks To Things'' by Tom Martin SYNOPSIS - A little girl with a special gift entertains herself in a hospital’s waiting room. Soon she comes to have questions about why she’s here, and what she may be missing.

#4 (Group 15) - ''The Whispers of Phyx'' by Cayce Osborne SYNOPSIS - In Cantorya, all females are imbued with some variety of miracle; because of her powerful lineage, Epyony is expected to be extraordinary. But when she reaches her 33rd birthday without finding her special purpose as a healer, the village orycle decides to send her where she can make a difference.

#HM (Group 15) - ''The Welcoming'' by Kate Sparks SYNOPSIS - Devin hopes Neelie will give his firstborn the sort of magical welcoming she’s provided for so many newborns in the past. But is that too much to ask of the mistress he’d betrayed over a decade ago?

#HM (Group 15) - ''Sweep Freedom'' by M E Ronke SYNOPSIS - Carlisle, tortured by fear and disgust for his new job, seeks refuge behind a vending machine.

#HM (Group 15) - ''Daisies in the Sun'' by Heather Haze SYNOPSIS - Richard Duncan was having the worst day of his life. But sometimes a little faith is all it takes to change one’s destiny.

#HM (Group 15) - ''The Inestimable Charms of a Good Janitor'' by Haidi Willmot SYNOPSIS - When she finds herself in a hospital waiting room, a young woman is alarmed that she seems to be able to see things that others can’t. However, from an encounter with the hospital’s janitor she learns that such things are always there to be seen, and that there is more to healing than fixing the body.


16 - Action/Adventure / A fish market / A remote control
#1 (Group 16) - ''The Problem with Fish Markets'' by Trey Dowell SYNOPSIS - When an undercover operative gets too close to his target, his very life depends on an all-out chase through the canals and streets of Venice.

#2 (Group 16) - ''Cold Rain'' by Mike Bird SYNOPSIS - He must get Krasny out - but will it be worth it?

#3 (Group 16) - ''The Eleventh Hour'' by Vance Voyles SYNOPSIS - A disabled veteran gets an opportunity to prove she isn’t dead yet, after a suspicious man in black uses the wrong bit of change to pay his bus fare.

#4 (Group 16) - ''ZENITH'' by Alana Drayton SYNOPSIS - After losing her family at the height of the Cultural Revolution, Xiao Long wanders the streets of Beijing, searching for a link to her forbidden past.

#HM (Group 16) - ''Oh Crap'' by NICOLA MCENIERY (pen name N K Wardley) SYNOPSIS - A boy accompanies his mother on a business trip to China, and gets more than he pays for on a guided tour of Zhuhai.

#HM (Group 16) - ''Objection'' by Michelle Massie SYNOPSIS - A young girl, having witnessed a tragic event in her home, searches for the truth.

#HM (Group 16) - ''The Flying Fish Gambit'' by Christopher Hivner SYNOPSIS - His reputation on the line as the man who can procure anything, Allen Fielding fights to get back what wasn’t his to begin with.

#HM (Group 16) - ''The Ships and the Shell'' by Rachel Spitler SYNOPSIS - After a mysterious treasure sparks violence, a pirate ship’s first mate pursues her captain through the marketplace.




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