Kelli Fitzpatrick
Beaverton, MI, USA
"Just want to say that I am an English teacher, and NYC Midnight competitions have helped me grow as a writer more than any other writing conference, class, or activity I have taken part in. The random prompts, working in unfamiliar genres, the crazy deadlines, the feedback from judges--it's gold. I just won a national short story contest, and the things I learned during NYC helped me get here. Thanks for all you do. Thanks for letting us keep full rights to our stories. Looking forward to many more rounds."

Since 2002, NYC Midnight has hosted hundreds of inspiring competitions for storytellers around the world.  Participants are challenged to create original stories, screenplays, or films using assigned elements under time constraints.  If you enjoy a creative challenge, check out our upcoming competitions below.



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Created for NYC Midnight creative writing competitions.
FFC=Flash Fiction Challenge  SSC=Short Story Challenge


The Undertaker (SSC)
by Sarah Martin
Genre: Open

Subject: A sunrise

Character: An undertaker


A little boy buries his teddy bear at sunrise.

Open / A trading floor / A scrapbook (FFC)
Leaving Shaktoolik
Open / Eavesdropping / A hoarder (SSC) 
Jimmy Cooper, Jimmy Cooper
Open / An animal sanctuary / A bulletproof vest (FFC 
Mourning Dove
Open / A dying wish / A janitor (SSC)
A Million Shades of White
Open / An iceberg / A lighter (FFC)



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